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Business Reviews and Data Analysis Knowledge is power.

Business Planning Finding your niche.

Business Tools



Rooted in decades of franchise, hospitality and retail experience, The Yellow Kollektiiv has the experience and expertise to work with you and your team to unpack your business as well as analyze and interpret relevant information to ensure an accurate snapshot of current performance.

Our processes facilitate easy consideration of current positioning and unique selling points within your industry & competitive set, to enable informed decision making.

  • Business Reviews: Sales, Budgets, ROI
  • KPI’s &Results Reviews
  • Data & S.W.O.T. Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • Competitor & Market Analysis vs Industry Trends



Through brainstorming sessions & strategic and practical workshops The Yellow Kollektiiv can help you and your team identify opportunities to simplify, grow or scale your business and build a plan based on your unique requirements.

  • Business Plans
  • Brand Development
  • New Business Development
  • Additional Revenue Streams
  • Business Model Development & Reengineering
  • Trading Formats, Layouts & Space Optimization
  • Equipment
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Positioning, Brand Essence & Blueprint
  • USP’s vs Industry Trends
  • Expansion Opportunities & Growth Levers
  • Sales & Expense Budgets



The Yellow Kollektiiv is passionate about adding real value to your business by providing you with bespoke and practical tools designed to simplify and standardize processes and make it easier for you to track progress against your business goals and Industry Best Operating Practice. Backed by almost 3 decades’ experience in franchised, hospitality and retail business, The Yellow Kollektiiv has an affordable solution for you.

We can develop brand specific:

  • Operations & Training Manuals
  • Operations Campaigns
  • Operational & Food Safety Audits & Checklists
  • Franchise Systems & Systems Standardization
  • Menu Engineering, Recipe Matrixes
  • Costing Templates
  • Product Development
  • Space, Scheduling & Resource Optimization
  • Scorecards, Job Descriptions & Incentive Programmes

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Why The Yellow Kollektiiv?

Having had the privilege to work with a range of businesses over a period of almost 30 years’, ranging from start-ups to national franchise brands, The Yellow Kollektiiv has the experience, expertise, and flexibility to offer affordable and bespoke business solutions tailored to suit the specific needs of your Franchise, Retail or Hospitality business.


We understand the challenges and the opportunities of the

ever-changing business landscape and are passionate about customer service

excellence and making it easier for business owners to access practical tools

for managing and controlling all aspects of their businesses.


Let The Yellow Kollektiiv work with you and your team to

tailor-make a business solution that will help you simplify operations, standardize

processes, identify growth opportunities and provide you with easy to use tools

to put it all into action and track progress in a practical manner.